Thursday, July 12, 2012


PainThis time the force of the blow caused a section of the mesh wall to billow outward, but immediately the strange material began to squeeze back into place. The skin around Maz's eyes was burning. "Again," he growled.

Ned shook his head but leveled the first punch: straight into Mari's abdomen. She doubled over with a grunt, but came up whirling in a round-house kick that struck Maz solidly in the chest.

Regaining his balance, Maz crooked an arm and elbowed Ned just below the temple as hard as he could. The big man's beard waggled from the impact. Cursing, Ned swung around to strike Mari horizontally across the chest with his forearm. The young woman yelped and her eyes spit tears. Enraged, she muttered something way too personal and nearly debilitated Maz with a kick to the groin.

Around and around they went, building the pain as quickly as they could. Every second counted; they had to culminate before the adrenaline dulled it. "Almost there," Ned panted, backhanding Mari knuckle to lip.

"Me too," Mari said, and double-punched Maz in the kidneys.

Maz could feel it happening now, too. They went one more round, pounding vital nerves to throbbing agony. Then, hands out, they drew together to combine their pain, focusing it on a point between them and the wall. Sweat tickled down Maz's back as he eyed his companions. They both nodded. "One... two... THREE!"

The invisible point exploded, knocking the captives backward and sending a white hot fireball into the prison wall. The blast ripped the mesh apart like a pair of demon hands, howling in their need for release.

The resulting hole streamed daylight. For a few seconds Maz sat dumbstruck, for he did not understand at first what he was seeing. Then Ned whooped and Mari jumped to her feet laughing. Maz dragged his sore body upright, and hand in hand, the three prisoners hobbled out to freedom.

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