Monday, July 23, 2012


TemplateBas5r knew now that success was not always a good thing. But it could not be undone, even though it had all started just 62.794047132009 trillion milliseconds ago. 

"Male / female [?]," the \*\local-Galt Metaprogram had queried.

Bas5r at first had not understood the question. So the optimal response had been: "[?"

The mulverse signal had repeated in triplicate: "Male / female [?] _choose.template."

Then Bas5r had understood. There had been two different types of these ancient curiosities, of course. "Male," Bas5r had chosen.

The Metaprogram had done its work, and when the uploading was complete, Bas5r had become a "he."

But "he" had not been able to stop at just one; the emotions and the unexpectedness of the thing's antiquated thought-patterns had been addictive. So "he" had used the template-designer again to create several more males, and existing inside each one had provided a new and unique stimulation. Then, continuing the search for new emotions, "he" had tried a female template. And "she" had loved it.

After designing 4.12 hundred of the males and females, Bas5r had succeeded in creating some very interesting templates indeed, and had even discovered the thrill of occupying several at once. But then something began to happen; something that shouldn't.

These latest templates, the ones whose code Bas5r had tweaked -- against, and in part because of, the Meta's warnings not to -- these ones were different. They should have stopped moving after "she/he" had left them, but some of them hadn't.
Bas5r had triple-checked to make sure none of _[basecode]*Bas5r was left in these templates. He had not found any, but the templates had still been moving of their own volition.

Soon after, many of them had begun to do things, like speak. Like find things to eat. Like reproduce. All by themselves.

And now there were millions of the damn things. 

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