Monday, July 02, 2012


ZygoteIt keeps... happening. I think I'm still me. But now I'm more of me.

I remember Jasper touching the bubble thing and how it grew. I yelled at her What are you doing but she ignored me and suddenly it had her hand inside it like it was sucking her in. I screamed again but she didn't make a sound she just stood there and then she was gone. I swear I didn't know whether to jump in after her or try to get away. I wanted to jump but I was too scared.

Then the bubble thing bulged and that set the hairs on my neck on end so I backed up against the concave wall and tried not to move. There was nowhere else to go. How did they put us in a room without a door. It makes no sense.

When the bubble had bulged up to my foot I knew I was done for so I just kicked and kicked and wished I had a metal pipe or a burning stick. Anything. Then it had my legs and then I felt it rising past my hips and I must have blacked out.

I'm... simpler now. It's like I have a body, only I don't, because it keeps... dividing. I keep dividing. But I'm still me, only there are more of me now.

I still haven't found her. But if she's dividing, too, then maybe eventually one of me will find one of her and then I can tell her. How I really wanted to jump in I just couldn't. But that I wish so much I had.

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  1. Gaines - of the pieces I've read, well, the pictures you paint with words are really vivid, really real, accessible to the minds eye. But I've got tO say my friend that this piece is not Only easy to wrap the mind around - its intriguing & challenges, commands the minds eye to immediately dig deeper into myself.

    Thank you for sharing - look forward to more on this line

    Al Hamman