Wednesday, October 31, 2012


OoryitThis time the man's Call was pure and steady. The beautiful note drew from all his strength, welling up from his chest, and struck at the three remaining ooryit all at once, causing them to flinch.

For several seconds nothing happened. The fog enveloped them, deadening all sound and seeming to stop time itself. Then, turning slowly, the ooryit began to whisper at each other, their weeping brain-like faces drawing closer to one another, the sultry sounds from their mouths more and more intense. The man scrambled out of the way as the creatures tackled each other, tearing and raking with their legs.

The man couldn't keep the note up for long; already he was beginning to feel spent. But before his voice cracked and the spell was broken, another of the ooryit was dead, and a second one had lost too many legs to be very mobile.

Just one uninjured one left. It came at the man where he kneeled, swaying left and right as it closed in.

The thing's whispers were beginning to break the man's internal silence; soon they would tear through his defenses completely, and the ooryit would control his mind.

He waited a moment longer; he needed the creature to be in range. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that the other ooryit, the nearly legless one, was dragging itself toward him through the fog-laden grass, its whispers picking up in strength. Its blind face was as deadly and impersonal as a shark's.

With what energy he had left, the man Called once more, but this time the note was weak and unsure; it warbled forth like a child crying. The uninjured one was leaning in now, less than a foot from his face. He could smell the breath of the thing....

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