Friday, May 08, 2015


AlternateThey say there are multiple universes, and that only energy and our own perception keep us locked within this one. That if we just learned to truly see, or created a big enough explosion, then we could break out.

Well, I've tried to see, but no matter how far I go or how many modes of travel I experience, I continue to feel just as blind as I did after Zoƫ died.

Now I'm old, and time is running out. I need to be with her again; it is an absolute imperative. Even if it has to be through the eyes of an alternate me, from another life, in a different time, against a mirror reality.

So, I'll have to settle for option B: A giant explosion. One bigger than anything this universe has known since the Big Bang.

It has taken six years, but the preparations are just about all in place. The hard part has been keeping the nature of the experiment from the many very keen minds that have been involved in the planning. I have succeeded, for the most part.

One small problem has cropped up recently, however. It turns out that Taarsworth, from the theory team, has a six-degrees connection with Zhang, one of the engineers. The chances that they would ever bump into each other and actually talk about this very secret project are slim at best... but still.

I'll have to take one of them out. Tonight, before I change my mind. Too much is at stake not to.