Wednesday, January 15, 2020


The chime had come a good twenty seconds too soon. An equipment error? Was she just being sloppy? 


No. Not her; not ever. 

What then? 

It could really only mean one thing: Saadia had been compromised, and this was not her. 

Trip stared at the screen of his phone for another second and a half before reluctantly placing it on the workbench, picking up a hammer, and obliterating it. Scanning around the room, he allowed himself to indulge in a moment of helplessness. 

They'd all been aware of the risk. She especially, given the week she'd been having. This was not such an unexpected thing. 

And yet he felt empty, lost, desperate. All he wanted to do was to call her, hear her voice, make sure she was okay. 

Trip straightened his shoulders, cracked his neck, and stood. It was time to get the hell out of here. All was not lost, after all, and the others were still relying on him to get it done. 

The Elevator would come down, and when it did, they would be ready.