About Gaines

First of all, I am not the historian / memoirist. He's my uncle, and can be found here: Gaines Post, Jr.

I write short stories and novels. Most of my work is speculative fiction of the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror variety. From time to time, however, my pen will meander its way back into the "real" world.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee in the U.S., I was lucky enough to find my way to southeastern New South Wales in Australia, where I now dodge parrot droppings (both real and imagined) on a daily basis. When not writing, I wear the hat of freelance translator (Chinese to English).

Current projects include flash fiction pieces uploaded to this website once or twice a month, several short stories at various stages of completion, a fantasy trilogy, and some final edits of Climbing Back to Zero, a sci-fi novel set on and around Mars. 

Thank you very much for visiting my website! Feel free to leave feedback on the "Leave a Comment" page.