Short Stories: Novels:
The Pinnacle (2013) Timbre (2016)
Time is Break Pitch (forthcoming)
The Winemaker Cadence (TBA)

Flash Fiction:
Unthawed (2012)  -- published in the December 2012 issue of Static Movement


Book One of the Bachachi Lada saga.


Book Two of the Bachachi Lada saga.


Book Three of the Bachachi Lada saga.

The Winemaker

He should have heeded the crone’s advice. But the debt collectors were knocking, and he had to do what he had to do!

Time is Break

Something is wrong. A doorway has opened in the middle of the moors, and it seems that only way to communicate with the terrifying army streaming through it is to follow the advice of a very deranged old man….