Other Projects

In addition to writing, I have a few other projects in the works.

One is that I've recently gotten back into music after a 15+ year hiatus. This began a couple of months ago, when I walked up to town to play at an open mic hosted by Eliot Reynolds at the Katoomba Family Hotel. I play/used to play flute, and have been attending the open mic every Wednesday evening the past couple of months. I've even started singing a bit (fair warning -- if you are ever there, bring your earplugs!!! lol). Getting back into music again, after all these years, is a bit like rediscovering an old apendage I'd forgotten was a part of me. Here are some (mostly old) recordings I've put up on youtube:

Gaines's YouTube channel

In addition to that, my wife and I got into pottery a couple of years ago while we were in the States, and here is an entry I wrote about it, with some photos of some of the work we did:


And one more project, though this one is upcoming: My wife got me a beer kit for Christmas, so once we start getting some cooler autumn weather, I’m going to try my hand at making stout. Wish me luck! :-)

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